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” F1 + Calvin Harris = epic day out”

Well all,

i will give you a more descriptive blog soon but here are some unseen pics from a great day out !!!









“Clueless Victory”












Well all,

I was kindly reminded by one of my followers that i hadnt updated everyone on the result of the cricket match , i am aware the facebook followers know the result but anyway here is a match report.

So friday morning came and i must admit i was very excited about the match more so the thought of beating sixco the main contractor and being able to have the all elusive bragging rights at work. I packed up the tops and set of for Hidd where the camp is. As i was getting close to the camp i was stuck at the traffic lights and i recognised the bus infront of me as the Sixco transportation so i knew the game was on as they had arrived , the weather wasnt great for this time of year very overcast and we even got a drizzle of rain mid way through. When i arrived at the camp some of the team were anxiously waiting outside , i was met by the captain akram who informed me that all the lads were ready and waiting so we gathered them up dished out the tops and started getting focused.

The team picture was taken and i could already sense that the occasion was meaning alot more to the lads as i had expected , as the team members were now clearly identifiable they were getting slaps on the back and words of support from the other lads, i had decided that we would walk over as a team something i have experienced alot playing rugby , i reminded them that this game was more than just cricket , it was there opportunity to show sixco that they werent second rate and that 12 lads from the camp could beat the staff members of sixco. If one thing i have learned from my time in bahrain class segregation is huge , basically if you are an engineer or a supervisor your regarded as being far superior than a guy on the tools something i reminded them in my team talk . The team talk was a tricky one as i havent a clue about the rules of the game but at the end of the day they are a team and its a sport . In all sports if you dont play as a team you will lose so i am sure i got my point across.

I would love to be able to tell you a blow by blow account of what went on but for the first 20 minutes i was trying to understand what was going on , as most of the guys playing were the better english speakers and Umesh the team coach was picking others up to watch the game i had to figure it out myself , albeit in comfort as about ten minutes in i could see Saju John Kutty coming from the camp about 200 mtrs away carrying a chair … yes you guessed it for me. Thats the kind of generosity that these guys have , they may not have much but they will try and make you feel at home. Anyhow the only other white face there that day was the concrete supervisor for Sixco a south african called Neville , a nice guy but today was togging out for Sixco . Decked out in SA cricket gear he was commanding the show until naesar a little lad playing for use bowled him out with a great throw , i must admit i gave neville a cheeky wave as he left the pitch …. no reply thats the saffies for ya :) anyway we ended up finishing our innings 139 runs (49 of them for anzar who has the most amazing moustache ever) in 15 overs.

Sixco started far too good for my liking when they went to bat , i was starting to feel that there name sixco was very apt as their first batsman was lashing in the sixes ( hitting the ball out of the boundary like a home run). Umesh had arrived by now and joined the 200+ crowd and had positioned himself next to me giving me a full running commentary and play by play. I was now getting well into it as we had started bowling and knocking them out at a pretty steady rate , so much so that everytime the pitch was invaded and the chair was lofted into the air something the lads got a great kick out of , Umesh told me that the end was near and when naeser stepped up with one of his rocket bowls he nearly blew the stumps into next week. Well i have been at cup finals , played in important games myself but the feeling of joy i got when the game was over and we won was brilliant second to none, being lifted in the air by 40 indians was quite and experience . the guys were delighted gratiously we went and shook the hand of the opposition and talks of a rematch were on the cards already . Before i left i had a drink with the lads and had a pre match chat as you would do in the rugby club at home , the only difference of course is it was tea and not pints and no club house just a labour camp in a spot that looks like hit was bombed the night before . But that didnt stop the lads from revelling in their victory. Just as i write this i have gotten an e-mail to see is there a match tomorrow , unfortunatly there isnt as we were meant to play our office staff but i have the feeling that they think they are too good to play with the lads , so we have arranged round two with Sixco next week again all i can say is bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!

“Some pics from Al Dar Island “






” Never knew a door bell would make me laugh so much “




Well all

Had to do a quick post just to let you all know that i never have had so much fun with a wireless doorbell , Gavin the QS manager onsite is a great lad but so easy to wind up that myself and Aidan take delight in constantly playing practical jokes on him , from dipping carrots into his drink (of which he is supposedly allergic to ) to just basically verbally pestering him about his lack of ability to do his job (which he is very good at by the way). We decided just after christmas to take it to another level. As Gavin is a bit of a panic merchant he and his team are cocooned inside a office within a office something we have christened the “Panic Room” . The inhabitants of the panic room are Nicky “the pigeon ” conlan , The late departed Colin Phillips and Preetha a ferociously devote latin christian or catholic who must have to say about 400 hail mary’s every night as she has to listen to Gavin fucking and blinding all day long , the poor woman is surrounded by little prayers and statues so that every time Gavin is chewing the head of a lad there is a little bit of god love every where she looks.

Anyway so we had decided to properly get into gavins head so Aidan in his wisdom and slightly devious mind purchased a wireless doorbell as seen in the picture above

We sneakily placed it under their office one night after they all had left and gave it a trial run, aidan went off into the construction office which is a totally seperate cabin and pressed the buzzer , me sat in Gavin’s seat waiting for the ever annoying christmas jingle from the doorbell device . It was if we had installed it in the actuall office. Roll on the next day!!!!!!

The next day came and the next and basically for the bones of a week we slowly chipped away at the panic room residents , to cover our tracks we used to take turns walking past the window whilst the other would press the button so as to keep them thinking as to who had the buzzer , the first few days were hilarious as the occupants were like meerkats everytime the bell went off . up the ears would prick , preetha rummaging through cupboards and drawers , Phillips looking behind folders cursing as he searched high and low for the device . It actually turned out Colin found it in the end but made the mistake of giving it back to aidan who started to think up of another way of getting to Gavin with the device. One day the lightbulb appeared over Aidan’s head and i must admit it was ingenious. Gavins Car!!!!!

So the trial run again was performed , as i have the same model car as Gavins we placed the device in the wheel arch and off i drove with aidan following me pressing the buzzer like a mad whore . Even at full belt i could hear it as if it was a song on the radio. That night we placed it on the drivers side wheel arch of Gavins car and with bated breath waited for the following day. We worked it out at lunchtime so that gavin would have to take his own car and we would follow him. So off we went. To get off site you have to drive through two security barriers and to get where we go for lunch you have to go through a barrier where a guy has a mirror that checks under your car before you enter the underground car park so as we passed the bemused security guards onsite who must of thought they had been out in the sun too long as a musical car drove past it wasnt until we reached the mirror fella that i nearly wet myself!!!! The look on the guys face was nothing but comical it was made even more funny as Gavin had gotten out of his car and demanded the guy find the device with his mirror all this in 34 degree sunshine and a christmas carol blasting out in the background !!!! it was so well hidden even he couldnt find it , on the way back the guys at the car park exit were also in stitches but unfortunatley gavin had found the device after we got back and smashed it to pieces like a child throwing a temper tantrum. We had been found out , the fun was over ….Was it fuck !!!! as soon as Gavin was gloating about how he had rumbled us and he had broken our spirits along with the device i was out the back putting a new one on the car , so here is to another enjoyable drive home this evening :)

” “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

The venue for the match

The venue for the match

Well all,

I say, I don’t like cricket, oh no, I love it.
I don’t like cricket, no no, I love it.

So yet again i have decided to give a little back to all the lads onsite as we are nearing the 500,000 manhours with little more than 4 first aids (touch wood) and to be fair they have been very good to work with so its only right to give them something to look forward to. I had to think what i would do as it would be way different than at home , where you would get a gear bag , polo shirt or a first aid box for the car here most of these things wouldnt go down to well i reckon.

After a day of pondering on the balcony it clicked , we have 350+ lads onsite from India , Pakistan and Bangladesh the majority of them would be aged between 18 – 40 and going by they way they stampede for the clocking machine at half five they are pretty energetic when they want to be . But more so they surely love cricket !!!!!. The one man to ask was Umesh the driver who actually lives in the camp so on the following day i asked him did they ever play cricket on their days off only to be told that every friday the mechanical lads would play the electrical lads …Bingo the ball was rolling straight away. I told Umesh to keep it very quiet but that i had a plan to arrange a cricket match against Sixco the main contractor onsite and our own lads. Knowing sweet fuck all about cricket it would of been pointless for me to turn up at the camp on the friday to “select players” for the team so a secret team of selectors was picked to try an ween out the best 11 to 15 players from the camp. Umesh and the other selectors greatly accepted the challenge and began the spying mission that friday.

On the saturday i was welcomed at work with a full squad list of 15 lads with a brief history of each one , again something i hadnt a clue about as i wouldnt know a batsman from a wicket keeper . But still i was happy out , now the next step was convincing Sixco to take up the challenge , something i must admit they were a bit cautious about , see we only have two camps where as they would have several they would be well aware all our secret weapons and top players would be able to play whereas transportation may hinder them from getting their Sachin Tendulkar or Shane Warne to line up for the team. However after constant nagging and a few “your chicken ” comments they duly accepted the challenge.

Now the venue and date of the match was yet to be decided as the transport issue was being sorted by sixco , this allowed our lads to get some practice in , Umesh did the job as a good lieutenant would and played the selected players off against the better of the two trade teams the Mechanical lads .. the plan worked a resounding victory for the selected !!!! However in Umesh’s report he made it clear that we would be even better if we had the a real bat ….. Hold on i said “a real bat” what the hell do you use then. I must admit i was a bit shocked to hear they just used a bit of wood. So turn on the mother theresa mode and off i went that night to get a set of cricket stuff. Foolishly may i add . Now dont get me wrong i know what a bat looks like and what stumps are but as for the quality i wouldnt have a scooby doo , Ask me to get ya a rugby ball you will have the pleasure of playing with a top of the range Gilbert but for cricket the only option i had was to grab the first indian guy ( trust me there is always one close by) and get his advice. Now like a hundred of my blogs the lads wouldnt be the brightest but here i thought i couldnt lose so on the advise of a random indian dude of i trotted with my stump , bat and ball.

I delivered the set to the lads the on the friday , firstly there was shouts of joy as i the boss had arrived in their place on their day off so within seconds the car was surrounded , here is me thinking ” wait till they see what i brought them” but fuck me how wrong was i . as soon as i showed them the bat i was bombarded shaking heads , for a change they were all going in the right direction the NO direction and when one guy said Nay Acha i knew i had fucked up . See i know what the word Acha is and it means good but i also know what Nay means and it means NO!!! see i had bought a ball that was too hard for the bat. They explained to me that they would use a tennis ball instead ( which is the norm here due to the ground) instead of the actual cricket ball. Fair enough lads fair enough.

I was excited to hear Umesh’s report the next day and see was his prediction of a better display with better equipment going to come through only to find Umesh standing at my desk with what could only be described as a bundle of splinters and oversized tooth picks . Hadnt the numpties gone and played with the hard ball after telling me off that it wasnt the right bat for the ball and smashed the fucking thing into a thousand pieces. Head in hands all i could hear through my fingers was ” your going to have to buy us a new one” now bare in mind the original set had cost me the bones of 80 euro the bat 30 basically a months wages for one of them. Anyway we had heard that day that Sixco had gotten their shit together and had even arranged transport to come and play us in our back garden ( it literally is ) . Another boost for team MME as we will now have 170+ lads on the sideline to cheer us on. In my last bit of generosity i have organised to get polo shirts made up with the company logo , bahrain flag and FHS PROJECT MME CRICKET TEAM on the back as if this goes well on friday we may challenge others and most off all it will give it that bit extra for the lads in the team and make others want to be in it , i am sure it will give them something to think about outside of work , overall i reckon its cost me the bones of 300 euro just to organise this ( new bat included ) but hey fuck it as the great Muhatma Gandhi once said

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”

So here is to a win on friday morning and a few happy faces at work on saturday !!!!

” At least he tried “


Well all,

just as few pictures one from our site and two from another site somewhere in the sandpit , looking at the pictures it just seems to me that the lads still havent grasped the whole working at height thing , the lad sitting on the piece of scaffold has had the brains to clip off however where he clipped off means that the entire harness he is wearing is basically useless in every single way

“Handiest Job onsite part 7 “


Well all,

part seven of the handiest jobs on site goes to these three amigo’s , they are basically chipping down where the wall meets the floor as there is little build ups of concrete after the concrete pours , you wouldnt mind but the fact there is 49 floors and two towers would leave you to believe that by the time they reach the top the hammers will resemble nothing more than a toothpick , EAT YOUR HEART OUT ANDY DUFRESNE!!!!!

the tianjin theory

China through the eyes of a Cork man.


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